Science Teaching Guide

Science Teaching Guide

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  1. When is pushing a thing good, and when is pulling a thing good? Talk about this. Then try pulling a wagon and pushing a wagon. Try pulling a baby stroller and pushing a baby stroller. What makes a thing easier to push? What makes it easier to pull?

  2. A horse pulls a cart. A fruit peddler pushes a cart. Draw pictures to show how each works.

  3. How long does it take paint to dry? Visit a paint store and read the labels on paint cans. Talk to a paint salesperson about this. What kind of things help paint dry faster? What kind of things make paint take longer to dry?

  4. Not all houses or rooms have corners. What kinds of houses don’t? What do these houses look like? (Igloos, teepees, geodesic domes, some tents, yurts, curved high-rise buildings, and so on.) Why might make a person build a house without corners? Would you like a room without corners? Or would you prefer a room with corners? Why?

  5. Draw a picture of what your bedroom would look like if it had no corners.

  6. If you were in the woods and hiked one mile north, in which direction would you hike to get back to where you started? Study a compass. Learn its directions. Go on a hike and use the compass.

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