History Teaching Guide

History Teaching Guide

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  1. Read about the history of ribbons as prizes. How long have ribbons been given as prizes? Were the ribbons always in color? In the US, what color of ribbon shows first place? What color shows second place? And what color shows third place?

  2. Use papier-mâché or construction paper or wood or Lego blocks to make a model of a cart.

  3. Divide a sheet of paper into two columns. Label one column Cart and the other Wagon. The cart has two wheels; the wagon has four wheels. In each column, list the advantages of that kind of vehicle. (For example, the cart can take corners more sharply.)

  4. Read about the history of paint. What were the first paints made with? How long did they last? What kinds of things might you use to make your own paint? (crushed flowers? vegetable parts?)

  5. When Waltur is lost in the forest, he has no landmarks to help him find his way. What is a landmark? What kind of landmarks do you use on your way to school? To visit somebody?

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