Writing Teaching Guide

Writing Teaching Guide

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  1. In Waltur Puts the Cart Before the Horse, what do you think Waltur’s thank-you speech said? Write his thank-you speech.

  2. What do you think the horse is thinking the whole time from when Waltur asks it for a ride until the cart speeds down the hill? Imagine that you are the horse and you have come home from the fair — in your diary, write about your day.

  3. Imagine that you are Darwin in Waltur Paints Himself into a Corner. Write two cheers that you will shout as Waltur paints. The first cheer should have rhymes in it. The second one should not have rhymes.

  4. Imagine that you are the dog in Waltur Won’t Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. Imagine that you are having a happy dream, and then Waltur pokes you. Write about what you would say to Waltur when he woke you up.

  5. What does Matilda think when Waltur doesn’t come home? Write a story that tells what she thinks and what she does and how she finds Waltur.
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