Tappen Post Nine to Play N.Y. Bloomer Girls Tomorrow

Research Notes for Women at Play, Vol. 1 | Reviews

Staten Island Advance, April 30, 1921


East Shore Oval promises to be the scene of considerable excitement and interest tomorrow afternoon when the Tappen Post baseball team hooks up with the New York Bloomer Girls, acknowledged champion female athletes of the East.

Says the Girls’ manager, Margaret Nabel of Stapleton, “We have already stowed away two fine games this season, having played at Wilmington, Del., two weeks ago and at Vernon Oval in Bay Ridge two weeks ago Sunday. Although we lost both games by a 6 to 3 score, our girls put up splendid games in both places and we were highly complimenting [sic] on the showing made.

“Our last appearance on Staten Island was in 1919, when we played the Downey Inter-departmental team at Sisco Park, and it will be remembered that we led the Downey’s a merry chase before they finally beat us out in an interesting game by a 12 to 9 tally. Since that time, we have played a great many games. Last season, for instance, we covered a total of 3500 miles in our 32 games played, in various parts of the States of New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Vermont, and at Montreal, Canada. In 25 of these games we established records for attendance and receipts, and did not fail to give satisfaction in any of the games played.

“We have met many strong semi-pro teams, such as the Baltimore Dry Docks team, the same collection of stars which trounced both the Assumption Caseys and the Downey Shipyard nines last Fall at Sisco Park. We played the Dry Docks twice last year, one game at Coatesville, Pa., and we made such a splendid showing that we were taken to the International League Grounds at Baltimore and drew the biggest crowd of paid patrons that had ever been to any game between semi-pro teams in Baltimore. The game was full of thrills and ‘pep’ and the Dry Docks handed up a 9 to 8 trimming, much to our regret. However, we understand that they usually won about 9 out of every 10 games they played, so it really was not such a bad showing, was it?

“The team is practically the same as that which played at Sisco Park against the Downeys, excepting in a few positions: Stella Friss is on first base. Rose Kane at second, Toots Andres at short and Rose Roth at the far corner. Helen Demarest, a Stapleton girl, by the way, will be in left. Roselyn Pelsner in center, and Betty Gaber in right field. We use a male battery exclusively, as we feel that no female player can do justice to the pitcher’s burden, and you will agree that the catching job belongs to a man, too.

“Our star is Stella Friss, captain and infielder extraordinary. Stella will show Staten Island fans how far women have really advanced in the realm of sport for she can knock the apple a mile and plays the initial bag a la Hal Chase when that once superlative player was in his prime. Toots Andres at short, is probably a more finished infielder than Stella, and her delight is to grab a hot liner without the quiver of an eyelash, even using her ungloved hand if the occasion demands. Her ability to scoop ‘em up and get her man at first will delight the fans, and we predict that on more than one occasion Toots will get her share of the applaus [sic] for fine plays made.

“We are booked six weeks ahead, having games at Metuchen, Bayonne and Ridgewood in New Jersey; Wayne, Easton, Catasauqua, York and Philadelphia Pa; College Point, L.I.; two games at Baltimore, Md., and are working on an extensive tour through Pennsylvania, especially in the vicinity of Pittsburgh and probably in a few of the towns in Ohio bordering on Pennsylvania.

“We are out to win our games, just the same as any other team, but if we happen to lose on Sunday we feel sure that the Tappen Post team will know it has been in a real game before we finish with them.”

East Shore Oval is being put into first class playing shape for tomorrow’s game and an attempt will be made to have seating arrangements ready. The Post is endeavoring to put baseball on a firm footing in Stapleton, and all members are hard at work bosting [sic] their favorite team.