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Women at Play: The Story of Women in Baseball is out of print as a softcover book, but it is available as a text-only ebook on and through Apple iBooks.

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Q: What book might people be surprised to find on your shelves?

A: Women at Play: The Story of Women in Baseball, by Barbara Gregorich.

— Francis Ford Coppola interview, NY Times Book Review, December 21, 2017


To date the story of women in baseball, like the story of blacks in baseball prior to 1947, is one of persistent, skilled individuals — pioneers — who were set apart not because they were the only ones who could play or umpire or manage, but because they were the few who couldn't be stopped by all the social, cultural and political barriers placed between them and the realization of their baseball talents. These are compelling stories, and they are well-told here. . . . Gregorich is a fine writer whose prose is lucid and lively, and she knows her baseball.

— Elysian Fields Quarterly


Gregorich is to be commended for bringing out of obscurity such baseball pioneers as Maud Nelson, Lizzie Arlington, Amanda Clement, and Alta Weiss.

— The New York Times


Women at Play can do for women in baseball what Only the Ball Was White did for African Americans: illuminate decades of accomplishment in the face of prejudice to, if not a general audience, then at least to that segment of baseball fans who care about history and justice.

— The Cooperstown Review


Gregorich postulates that somewhere out there, playing T-ball or Little League, is the girl who will crack the gender barrier in major league baseball. After reading Women at Play, I believe her.

— Oxford Review


An important new text.

— USA  Today's Baseball Weekly


Lively and generously illustrated.

—Chicago Sun Times